Jaka Tarub & Dewi Nawang Wulan (Part I)

Have you ever watched a drama? It must be a quite enjoyful experience because we can see the actor directly. May be it’s just my reason, you can find another one. Over all, a drama is lovable art.

Besides watching drama, i like to have a role in drama. I like being another person, hehe. But one day when i was in senior high school, instead of took a role, i said that i will create a script for my team. The problem was the language. Because it was for our English lesson, we have to had it in that. What did i do? Of course i looked for it in a lot of blogs. The second problem was the number of people in my team! How could it match perfectly with the script in those blogs? Finally, i found the way: modify.

I got the script from here. I read it. Then i thought, what kind of problem that i can set to the story? I also thought about adding some role so that everyone in my team can play.

This is it.


Jaka Tarub & Dewi Nawang Wulan
A Visit to The Earth


Once upon a time, there was a young man named Jaka Tarub. Jaka Tarub was a very handsome man. He lived in the middle of the forest with his mother, Randa Dhadapan. There was also a lake named Toyawening Lake.

Meanwhile, far upon the earth, there was the sky emperor, where the fairies lived. That place led by a king. That king had seven beautiful daughters. They usually down to the earth to take a bath.                                     


♦ Scene 1 ♦

Ningrum: “Very hot here, my sisters!”

Sekar: “Then let us go to the lake! Swimming!”

Putri: “Hm. I want to sing there.”

Arum: “Yeah! Talk to mother please, Asri!”

Asri: “Okay. Everybody follow me!”

(They give their greeting to The King and The Queen)

Asri: “We are going to ask your permission to go to the lake, Mom. It’s very hot here.”

The Queen: “Do you bring everything you need?”

The Seven Angels: “Yes, Mom!”

The Queen: “Are you sure? Why didn’t I see your powder? Comb? Hair dryer?”

Lintang: “Oh Mom, can’t you remember we are a fairy? We have this magic from you, Mom.”

The Queen: “Oh I see. Sorry for that. You have a duty to look after Nawang Wulan because this is the first time for she to go to the lake. Okay gals, you can go!”

(The seven angels cheer, then say bye!)


♦ Scene 2 ♦

(They arrive at the lake)

Asri: “Okay, everyone follows the rules! No fishing, no crying here, no eat. Go put your shawl on that rock, and enjoy!”

Wulan: “Wow I will enjoy this!”

(They talk and laugh each other, play joyfully)


In the same time around the lake, there was Jaka Tarub. He was tired of chasing the prey. When almost at the lake, Jaka Tarub stopped his footsteps. He heard the sound of the girls who were laughing.

Jaka: “Maybe it was just my imagination.” (He moves toward the lake slowly) “Hei, but the sound very clear to me.”
(Jaka is surprised)
“Oh my God, am I dreaming? I found seven beautiful girl here! Oh I hope one of them will be mine. Hmm… wait! What is that?” (He steals a yellow shawl) “After this, one of them couldn’t go to Kayangan, then she will be my wife! Yeah!”

(A few moments later)

Asri: “My sisters, I think we must go home now!”

Sekar: “But it’s too fast!”

Arum: “Yeah! I love to play here! I feel at home.”Ningrum : “Yeah! Me too!”

Asri: “Mother said that we must stay home before twilight, and she would be very worried about Wulan.”

Lintang: “Yeah, she loves her more than she love us!”

Putri: “If it were true, i would want to be like her.”

(Then, they are get ready)

Wulan: “Sister, wait me a minute, please!”

Sekar: “What are we waiting for?”

Wulan: “My shawl! I placed it here before we take a bath.” (Looking for something)

Lintang: “Huh, you waste our time. Come on every one, let’s go home!”

Wulan: “Wait, i lost my shawl.”

Asri: “Don’t lie!”

Wulan: “I’m sure it placed somewhere. I’m not lying.”

Putri: “Asri, we’re going to help her to find it, aren’t we?”

Wulan: “I put it here, besides Ningrum shawl.”

Ningrum: “Don’t give me that look! I didn’t see yours.”

Arum: “Then how can she come back? We must help her, Putri.”


When everyone was busy to look for the shawl, one of the fairy realised that the sky getting dark.


[to be continued]
Jaka Tarub and Dewi Nawang Wulan: A New Home


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